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Hike to the Japan's oldest old road

Yamanobe ancient path



Ishigami Shrine

An old shrine that is recorded in the Japanese oldest chronicles Nihon Shoki and Kojiki. The chicken is sacred as a messenger of the god, and the free-range chicken will welcome you.

Chogakuji Temple

An ancient temple of the Shingon sect that is said to have been built by Kobo Daishi. The Pure Land Garden (jodo) is also well-known as a flower garden. You can also eat lunch (reservation required).

Oomiwa Shrine

Oomiwa enhrines the deity of Mt. Miwa. The messanger god is a serpent.



Lunch & Cafe

Tenri Tourist Farm Wawa

Visitors can enjoy fresh juices and millet sweets made from homegrown fruits from the orchards. If you feel thirsty, it is recommended to stop by for a short break between hikes.

Samanala Garden

An organic one-plate lunch using homemade vegetables. Ingredients such as coix seeds are also sold, and I sometimes buy vegetables grown in the fields. It's a good distance to walk from Tenri station for lunch before noon.

Tea house kurinoki

An English restaurant with a very nice atmosphere. You can enjoy British home-cooked food. There is no coffee. Only tea.



It's close to Oomiwa Shrine, so I often go there with customers. We recommend the dishes that are made with Miwa Somen and other Shinsen dishes.


Imanishi Sake Brewery Miwaza

There is a store on the approach to Sanmorosugi Oomiwa Shrine, which is popular for Bodhi liquor, and a cafe in front of Miwa Station. When you walk from Tenri, you will finally get a sense of goal, when you reach here. 


From the "Walking" map of Kintetsu rail way

Satoyama Library ・ ・ ・ Pink star

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