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Satoyama Library


Learning traditional wisdom on herbal plants and food preservation.

Satoyama Library has extensively explored traditional knowledge on food preservation, medicinal plants in Asian villages included Japan since 2012.

These knowledge is about to disappear, and we recorded to past down to next generation, and also offer workshops.


Satoyama Library is not just a library nor an accommodation, but main service is a classroom, where visitors can learn about traditional wisdoms in your daily life, and accommodation the library are additional services for this aim.

I would like to share the wisdom of plants, and convey the way of life and learning in our daily lives.


(Please note that we do not accept just one night stay without cooking class.)

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Cooking Stay

◆ Business days:

March-November Thursday-Tuesday

December-February Closed in winter

◆ Check-in: 16:00

◆ Check-out: 10:00

◆ Number of people: 2-4 people (female only)

◆ Amenity:

Shampoo, conditioner, bath towel, medicated bath (special Chinese bath salt)

Wifi available


Exhibits books and materials from around the world on the theme of Asian food and agriculture. You can browse freely in the museum.

Library Library

Cooking Class

There two types of cooking calss. One is daytime class for lunch, and the other is cooking stay, learning more deeper aspects of Japanese traditional foods, herbal healing, and fermentation.


Making preserved foods from around the world, dyeing (yellowfin, persimmon astringent, wild grass, etc.), Nara herbal medicine course, etc.


We are recruiting on the event page.

(Only in Japanese at the moment but can be in English, if requested by 10 persons)



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